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Background Screening
The document Background Investigation Information in the Related Documents and Forms tab to the right contains information on:
■ Types of searches available;
■ A description of each search;
■ Timetable for receipt;
■ Cost(s);
■ Guidelines as to job level the search is recommended for.
An Authorization for Release of Information is required before an investigation can be initiated.
Drug Testing
Drug and alcohol abuse adversely affects companies through lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents, employee turnover, and increased propensity for workplace violence. To reduce the risk of these challenges, we offer quality, cost-effective and legally defensible drug and alcohol testing for your pre- and post-hiring needs. Drug testing is administered thru Quest Diagnositics, one of the nation's largest providers of drug testing programs, and all positive drug tests are verified by an expert Medical Review Officer (MRO). The cost for this service will very based on the level of test requested. To locate all possible Quest Diagnostics affliated labs which provide occupational urine drug collections simply follow the web address listed on the front of your drug screening form.
■ Enter address or zip code
■ Select Occupational Urine Drug Screen Collections
■ Enter a radius Negative test results will be available in about 2 business days. Positive results can take 3-5 days.
The Medical Review Officer will contact the donor to discuss all potential positive results. The Medical Review Team may contact you to get a donor's telephone number. To request drug testing forms please contact Atlanta Payroll Services HR Department and they will send you a supply of Custody and Control Forms. This generally takes 7-10 business days for receipt. If you need them faster (2 business days), we can arrange to have them sent Overnight to your place of business. payplus HR  will include any drug testing charges on our payroll invoice.
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