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Services Traditional PEO Our PEO Alternative
W2 and Paycheck in name of PEO W2 and Paycheck in client name  
Payroll Taxes
Filed under FEIN of PEO (Huge risk if PEO fails to pay) Taxes filed under your FEIN with audited proof of the exact amount for your company, guarantees timeliness and accuracy (No risk)
Human Resources
PEO dictates HR policy to client putting PEO first HR policy designed to put client needs first
Workers Compensation Larger deductibles, higher cost and subject to PEO underwriting tolerance Client chooses deductible , less cost and ALL risk accepted
Employee Benefits PEO plans offer less options, shorter renewal dates, higher premium and stricter underwriting Client controls plans, 12 month rate guarantee, more options and easier underwriting with lower premiums.
Pre-Tax FICA Savings PEO retains the employer matching 7.65% FICA savings for all section 125 pre-tax premium deductions Client employer retains ALL FICA savings for any section 125 pre-tax deductions. 
FMLA Compliance PEO have more than 50 employees forcing all client companies to comply with FMLA regulations Client employers with fewer that 50 employees are NOT subject to FMLA regulations
State Unemployment PEO charges their SUTA  rates to clients and, often bundles FUTA and SUTA into total admin fee not allowing for cut-offs  Clients utilize their FUTA and SUTA accounts, enjoy all allowable cut-offs and accounts are managed in the name of the client
Billing Invoice
All payroll, taxes, benefits, workers compensation, garnishments and administrative fees billed each pay period
Exactly the same billing on one-easy-to-read invoice billed per pay period

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Employee Benefits
HR Services
Payroll Services
PEO / ASO Services
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