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Keep Time with Atlanta Payroll Services Timekeeping!

Trilogy Timekeeping is state-of-the-art time and attendance system implemented by Atlanta Payroll Services to accurately manage and track your employees’ attendance habits. Timekeeping has never been easier! Employees may clock in and out using a traditional time clock or via the online timekeeping system; thus, allowing you to observe each employee’s hours and attendance online. Everyone’s hours are automatically in our payroll system, making employee timekeeping and payroll processing a breeze! The hassle of re-keying and cumbersome importing of data is a thing of the past with our innovative time management device.

Manager Self Service!

Manager Self Service is yet another option afforded you by Atlanta Payroll Services Timekeeping. This feature enables administrators to view, input and modify their employees’ timekeeping practices. Our time and attendance system does everything but answer the phone!

Flexibility Abounds!

  • Traditional, or online time clock
  • Track Breaks and Lunches
  • Tip Reporting Feature
  • Job Tracking
  • Piecework/Projects
  • Bilingual (English or Spanish)
  • Atlanta Payroll Integration
  • Reports Emailed Automatically

Reporting, Too!

Atlanta Payroll Services Timekeeping also functions as an effective reporting instrument. With our advanced timekeeping system you are able to view daily and day period reports; and choose the date range, division, location and department. Select from the following, straightforward reports:

  • Exceptions, Missing Punches
  • Forthcoming Overtime
  • Attendance
  • Job Tracking and time management
  • Timekeeping History
  • Management and Quarterly Reports
  • Paid Leave Tracking
  • Garnishments
  • Direct Deposits, Pay Cards and Live Checks
  • Web Access to Payroll
  • Wage & Hour Compliance
  • Complete Tax Administration
  • W2’s, W4’s and 1099’
  • HR Strategies with Time Tracker and Time Tracker Plus
  • HRIS Integration
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